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Selling a business is unlike selling anything you’ve ever sold before. We bring you advice from entrepreneurs who’ve successfully sold their businesses, brokers, business buyers and institutional investors and various M&A professionals to help you successfully sell your own business.

How To Impress Investors To Buy (Or Finance) Your Business

How To Impress Investors To Buy Your Business (Or Finance It) How to get an investor to invest in your business? I present some uncomfortable truths.This has been written mainly for business owners attempting to sell their businesses themselves (without a business broker). But most of it is also applicable to those business owners seeking […]

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Where To List A Business For Sale? Top Places:

30 Of The Best Places To List Your Business For Sale How do you sell a small business and which multi-listing sites (MLS) or portals accept listings of companies for sale? We’ve assembled a comprehensive list of the main venues for both individual sellers and business brokers! Compare venue prices & coverage below.Warning: Selling a […]

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How To Vet Business Buyers And Weed Out The Tyre-Kickers

How To Vet Business Buyers – Tell The Real Players From The Time Wasters!Note: Only part of this article is available to non-subscribers When buyers approach you to buy your business, all may not be what it seems.The DangerThere are several “internet courses” being heavily marketed purporting to teach people how to buy established and […]

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Precautions To Take Against Business Brokers

What you need to be cautious about when hiring a business brokerNote: Subscription may be required to read some parts of this article. Subscription is free. 4. Business brokers’ claims of eager buyers / large database of buyers<< This is a continuation of our article from hereWho can resist this? Business brokers often go to […]

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