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From choosing business brokers to selling a business without a broker...
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Whatever The Industry

Any UK business, from care homes to cafes, from sign manufacturers to SaaS platforms.

Whatever The Revenue

From a turnover of a few thousand pounds per year a few million; profitable or not.

Whatever The Timeframe

Whether you're looking to sell next week, next year or at some (as yet) unknown time in the future.

Whatever The Deal

Acquisitions, Mergers, Minority & Majority Recapitalisations, MBOs, MBIs, other equity events.

Is a large part of your net worth tied up in your business?

Smart business owners often seek to release some of all of that value by

- selling assets;
- selling part of the equity (to reduce risk or raise finance for growth);
- selling or merging the entire business so an investor can take it to the next stage.

But extracting the value you've grown is more difficult than it may appear!

I can help ... whether you intend using a broker or not.

Choose the broker carefully, improve odds of selling by 500%

Given the many hundreds of business brokers in the UK, including some very dangerous ones, the worst decision is to go with a broker simply because he provided a "free valuation" (or cold called you).

Amazingly, 96% of business owners do little to no research before settling on a broker to handle their sale.  Do the due diligence & choose wisely to increase your chances of selling and the price you get.

To help you find a reliable & trustworthy broker I've assembled the UK's largest business broker database. I collect data on sector / industry specialisation, size of businesses handled, fairness of terms, fees and fee structures, geographical areas covered and much more. The knowledge base includes feedback from brokers' past clients. Many of the best brokers can't be found in Google or other search engines. Tap into my data to find the just the right broker for youContact me for more.

Do you even need a business broker?

A few businesses, especially smaller ones, are better off with the owner handling the sale.

But brokers won't tell you that.

How do you decide if your business is better off without a broker? How do you rocket propel the sale process, and ensure top price and safe transaction, if you've never sold a business before?

I have the answers, get in touch.

Whether your sale is DIY or broker led, learn

- Multiple ways of extracting maximum value and why you should throw away your "valuation" figure;
- How to maximise your chances of achieving a sale & minimise the risk;
- The secrets to saving thousands on the cost of going to market (and on fees you pay);
- About "strategic" buyers and how to get them to pay far more than what your business is worth;
- The key to achieving all your exit goals, not just hitting the price target;
- The importance of confidentiality and how to protect it and
- How you are risking large losses simply by searching online for information related to selling businesses and/or by using online valuation tools.

 Contact me for more.

How to sell a small business

How To Sell A Small Business (yourself)

Contrary to what some advisers with a vested interest say, it is entirely possible to sell your business yourself. However, you are at an information disadvantage. Investors and their pro teams exploit that to the hilt. They use numerous tactics & tools to get a better deal at your expense. You need to know how  protect your interests and  you need a friend & guide through the process. That's me.

How to find a reliable and trustworthy business broker

How To Find & Use A Business Broker

For larger businesses you need a professional - this is going to be the sale of your life. How do you choose the right broker? How do you vet them? How do you ensure they don't bleed value from your business? What questions do you ask? How do you negotiate  price? More importantly, how do you negotiate terms? How do you manage the broker to ensure best results? I'll arm you with all that & more.

Best ways to value and sell a business

Either Way, There's Much To Know

Whether using a broker or not, staying in control is critical to getting the deal you want. After 30+ years buying and selling businesses (with my own money), and dealing with all manner of business brokers, I set up this consultancy to provide business owners like you the information & advice you need but which has never before been available.

unmatched assistance to help business owners succesfully sell their businesses

Clinton Lee, Founder,
UK Business Brokers

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When it comes to selling businesses, all the cards are stacked in favour of acquisitory companies (and brokers) ...and they take full advantage.  Let me change that for you.

The first time I sold a business it was a disaster. The second time I used a broker but, like 96% of businesses using a broker, I choose the wrong one! It costed me over a hundred thousand pounds. Now that I've sold two dozen of my own businesses, and helped hundreds of other business owners to sell, I've assembled an arsenal of tips and tools that'll put you, the seller, in the driving seat. 

Ensure not only that you succeed in selling, but that you do so on your terms, just as so many of my previous clients have done (testimonials below).

To gain a price in excess of what your business is worth, and to do so safely and speedily,  it's imperative you  download my guide  (or get in touchprior to speaking with any business broker!

M&A Professional Adviser

Zane Tarence

MD, Founders Investment Bank

I've known Clinton for over 5 years and he is deeply knowledgeable about how to value, buy, sell, and drive growth for private businesses. He is extremely effective at educating owners in exit planning for maximum value. I've recommended Clinton numerous times and he has always provided my clients with stellar advice and support.

Specialists in selling mid-cap enterprises
owner of several online and offline businesses

Barry Dunlop

Chairman, Renewable Living Ltd

Clinton offers creative solutions to complex business situations and his ability to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to buying and selling businesses is especially impressive.

current venture after successfully selling his double glazing business
online entrepreneur and business owner

Geoff Rego


Clinton knows the selling process inside out... he understands the mindset of the investor too, and what the investor wants to see. His wealth of experience, sharp insights and creative solutions combine with extensive contacts in the M&A world to make for a killer combination.

current venture of this entrepreneur after successfully selling his last business to Oracle Coporation
entrepreneur who acquired the business below

C. Eduardo Tabush

CEO, JoomlaShack

Clinton's analysis and hand-holding gave me the information and the confidence I needed to be able to negotiate a good and fair price.

acquired business purchased with adviser assistance

What Other Clients Are Saying:

"...incredibly insightful, unbiased advice"

"... guidance that made my 'unsellable business' into a goldmine"

"There's good reason business brokers have an awful reputation. Use this advice before (or instead of) hiring one."

"...don't speak with a broker till you've read this first"

"After numerous disappointing experiences with brokers I'm sorry I didn't take Clinton's advice first."

"Made me over £50,000 more than I expected. "

Of all the businesses that go to market each year...

Fewer than 4% sell at or above asking price.

16% sell only when owners make price concessions.

80% fail to find a buyer.


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