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Whether you intend using a business broker or not, we'll help you maximise the value you extract.

Whatever Your Industry

Any UK business, from care homes to cafes, from sign manufacturers to SaaS platforms.

Whatever Your Revenue

From a turnover of a few thousand pounds per year a few million; profitable or not.

Whatever Your Time Frame

Whether you're looking to sell next week, next year or at some (as yet) unknown point in the future.

Whatever Your Exit Route

Acquisitions, Mergers, Minority & Majority Recapitalisations, MBOs, MBIs, other equity events.

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Clinton Lee, Founder,
The Exit Firm & UK Business Brokers

When it comes to selling businesses, all the cards are stacked in favour of acquisitory companies (and brokers) ...and they take full advantage. Let me change that for you.

The first time I sold a business, about 30 years ago, it was a disaster. The next time I used a broker but, like most business owners, I choose the wrong broker! It cost me over £100K. Now, after selling two dozen of my own businesses, and advising in hundreds of other sales, I've assembled what will put you, the seller, in the driving seat.

I've become so successful at helping clients not just succeed in selling but succeed on their terms that almost every major UK business magazine has featured my work. Would you like to successfully sell your business like these clients of mine have done)?

Whatever you do, don't speak with a business broker or transfer agent yet! To get the best price & terms, and to do so safely & securely, it's imperative you download my free guide (or get in touch) prior to speaking with any business broker.

...deeply knowledgeable about how to value, buy, sell, and drive growth for private businesses....extremely effective ...

Zane Tarence MD, Founders Investment Bank
Raffaele CastelloCompany Owner of the very few professional figures able and willing to shed some light on the murky world of business brokerage. Very well prepared, informed and up to date, and very responsive...

...incredibly insightful, unbiased and experienced advice...

Richard Parker Chair, Diomo Corp.
Dave Kauppi Investment Banker

...know how to get a business to appeal to the market and how to extract the best price the market will bear...

...astute advice, insights, cautions & tips all through the process...saved me over £20,000.

Bal Mattu Founder, IdeasCast


Tell me how you can help if I need a business broker to sell my business.

Is it really a business broker you need? Or an M&A advisory / corporate finance firm or other professional? At what price / terms?

And how do you find a reputable firm that is the right one for your business?

our broker related services

Tell me how you can help me sell my business myself.

Is it even possible to sell the business yourself? What do you need to do? How do you keep it confidential?

Can you get a better price if you do this yourself? How do you ensure you succeed?

our "Assisted DIY" service

I don't know where to start.  I have other questions. How can you help?

From business valuation related questions to questions about the probability of finding a buyer, we get them all!

We also help vendors decide whether to use a broker or handle the sale themselves.

raise questions or book a free phone consultation


96% of businesses choose the wrong broker & many businesses fail to sell.

Businesses with turnover of roughly £1m - £10m benefit from the expertise of a competent broker or "transfer agent". Businesses above £10m have needs above what business brokers can provide. Sub £1m firms are often better off not using a broker (see our section below on DIY selling).

But what happens in reality is that most businesses going to market end up using a broker / transfer agent, and 96% choose the wrong one! They go with the firm that cold called and claimed to have lots of eager buyers.

Or they choose the one who gave them a free valuation with an unrealistic price (but confident assurances of being able to sell at that price).

There are serious repercussions to getting the broker choice wrong!

Using the wrong broker can significantly erode value in your business & can result in tens of thousands of pounds in broker fees (even if the contract is a no-sale-no-fee deal)!

But it's worse than that. The broker industry in the UK is unregulated and, as revealed by various investigations, all is not what it seems. Many business brokers and business transfer agents make their money not from selling businesses but from exploiting small print in their contracts.

There are hundreds of real horror stories. You don't need to subject yourself to the same risks. Click the button below to find out more.

So we developed solutions - free & paid - to ensure your success.

Solutions to ensure your broker choice and broker management lead to:

- a faster sale
- a better price
- better sale terms
- lower broker fees and costs
- greater transaction confidentiality
- greater security
- a higher probability of sale.

This could be the largest transaction of your life. Can you afford to get it wrong?

Play it smart and take a few minutes to find out how we can help you. Click the button below to get a copy of our guide.

We've saved (or made) our readers millions of ££s already. Join them.

We own the UK's largest knowledge base of business brokers & can prepare a shortlist of most appropriate brokers based on your sector, size & other criteria. Using the right broker increases probability of sale by over 300%.

We also use our unique position and knowledge of the industry to negotiate fees & costs save the average client in excess of £10,000.

Importantly, we can protect your interests all through the process to remove uncertainty, improve security,  increase privacy & speed up the sale.

And it won't cost you a penny (unless you choose our "paid" service).

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There's a reason business brokers in the UK have a bad reputation.

Hire a business broker, particularly a broker who handles smaller (sub £1 million) businesses, and you could be on the road to your worst nightmare. 

This is an unregulated industry and has attracted some very unsavory characters. As has been covered extensively in the UK press, you stand to lose not just a few thousand pounds but your entire business!  We've posted about some of the risks here.

Thousands small businesses owners who used brokers would say that hiring a broker was the worst decision of their lives: some examples

Know a good broker? You're still probably better off not using them.

The smaller the business - the "further south" it is from £1m - the less sense it makes to use a broker as brokers catering for businesses of this size tend to be neither competent nor trustworthy.

The rare exceptions to the rule still suffer one drawback: they can't afford to put a great deal of time & effort into selling any individual business. They are volume operators.

A motivated business owner can do a far better job. When it comes to your business, there's no expert like you, and nobody can represent your business better than you can.

Some businesses are best sold by the business owner, not a broker.

There are several circumstances in which owners are a lot more successful than brokers at selling their businesses.

For example, niche businesses, small businesses that are highly reliant on one or two specific individuals, sub £1m businesses  on the verge of quick growth ... and others.

Order our brochure below and get a copy of our white paper on the business attributes that favour a DIY sale.

Learn which businesses are best sold by brokers and which businesses are best sold by owners themselves.

We have both free & paid help so you can succeed with your DIY sale.

Various bodies like CEBTA recommend us (and only us) when it comes to starting on your journey to sell your business.

We're the only source for unbiased advice on business exits in the UK. And we cover all business sizes and needs.

Order our brochure below to find out how you can benefit from our tools, advice & guidance to sell your confidentially, successfully and for a great price....without using a business broker. 

The brochure covers both the free and paid options we offer.

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We appreciate many business owners are simply looking for some honest early stage advice / guidance.


We are dedicated to helping small business owners successfully sell their businesses without risking the involvement of many of the exploitative broker firms operating in the lower end of the market. To that end we have put together several resources:

  • Extensive information on our blog;
  • A free newsletter to arm small business owners with the tips they need when selling a business;
  • Hundreds of articles and extensive material published everywhere from Forbes in the US to almost every UK business magazine (some recent examples);
  • A LinkedIn channel with updates. Follow us on LinkedIn:

If you have further questions by email, or wish to book a telephone consultation:

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