10,000+ UK business owners have benefited so far.

My name is Clinton and I started this venture to help business owners like you release the value locked up in their businesses.

Whether you're looking to sell now or planning for a future exit, there are many good reasons to make this your first stop before you speak with any business brokers.

​You can see these recommendations at my LinkedIn profile​ and research the real people behind the comments.

​From Clients & Others

As a serial entrepreneur, Oracle acquired my previous venture; I'd extend this advice to any business owner looking for a merger or sale: consult Clinton first.

Having sold numerous businesses himself, Clinton knows the selling process inside out; as someone who has also bought many businesses he understands the mindset of the investor too, and what the investor wants to see. His wealth of experience, sharp insights and creative solutions combine with extensive contacts in the M&A world to make for a killer combination you can use to your advantage - it WILL make a difference.

Geoff Rego
CEO, Hushly.com

Clinton is a phenomenal resource; he is experienced, knowledgeable and well-informed, his advice is solid and effective, and he is 100% reliable and professional. It's a pleasure working with a consultant who is able to fill in the gaps in my knowledge and steer me toward sound decisions.

Karyn SeroussiMD, Innertrak Ltd (UK)

Over the past 8 months Clinton has been very constructive in advising Wake to make some key decisions in regards to its gearing up for refinancing. His logical approach is very much admired & welcomed and I would have no hesitation in recommending Clinton for future works.

Alexander Charles BuckleyCEO, Wake Energy Drinks

I was recommended to Clinton as someone that could ensure we avoided the pitfalls that befall many that fall into the clutches of "brokers" that promise much, achieve little and charge lots! I am sure he would do that but his service in identifying proper companies that could help us was well worth his fee. We had an instant shortlist and it accelerated the process without the angst of worrying about the background of the company with whom we were in discussion.

Andrew D. Business Owner

Clinton is a great source of information for whoever may be interested in merging, acquisitions, and the world of business brokerage... he is one of the very few professional figures who is able and willing to shed some light on the murky world of business brokerage. Very well prepared, informed and up to date, and very responsive in providing his service: which is a crucial attribute to possess. Highly recommended!!

Raffaele CastelloDirector, Gooder Ltd

Whilst Clinton's portfolio of entrepreneurial experience speaks for itself, his understanding of all that it takes to sell a business well, along with his focus on his customers' concerns and wants and ability to deliver what's truly needed, is only further underpinned by his genuine commitment to achieving the best results for his customers. Having had the pleasure of working quite intensively with Clinton, it's a pleasure to advise others to take advantage of his expertise, resources and offers - you will not be disappointed. Clinton is a man who knows and a person who cares.

  Yoel CalekCEO, StrategicMinds

Clinton not only found me the exact right broker, but negotiated the broker contract and helped my buyer locate finance which saved me having to defer part of the payment. I owe at least £2,000,000 of the higher sale price to Clinton's efforts.

Mark C.Business Owner

​Clinton took me on when I am not his usual client, for that I am grateful. As a small business with a strong online presence, there was much Clinton told me that was needed to prepare for a sale. Many things that were outside my expertise. Over the subsequent months help was always forthcoming and at no point was I left floundering. Clinton is prompt to reply, knowledgeable and diligent in all aspects of the process. I would very much recommend Clinton  for advice and guidance with your business.

Lizzie Carr ​
Owner, Rhinestones Online​ Ltd

Clinton is an expert in his field. I'd known him a few years before working together, and it was evident he knew what he was talking about.

One of the few people I trust implicitly. In his line of business, that's a very strong recommendation!

  Steve GillCEO, VME Retail

After attending a free seminar organised by the “World leading” broker and their numerous follow up phone calls I finally decided to put my business up for sale early last year but not believing all the too good to be true vague successful sales examples from the seminar I turned to Google for some alternative brokers and came across Clinton and The Exit Firm.

After speaking to Clinton his free and impartial initial advice persuaded me to sign up for his broker filtering and initial negotiation service. This identified six potentially suitable brokers with full details of each brokers strengths and fee structures and even checked their letters of engagement and terms and conditions. After visiting them all it was evident that Clinton had matched five of them to my needs perfectly and I found it very difficult to choose between them. I am sure I would never have found any of them on my own.

His very modest fee is worth every penny and his initial negotiation and attention to detail saved me several thousands of pounds.I would not hesitate to recommend Clinton’s services to anyone.

Ken M.Business Owner

When I wanted to sell my 3rd business I hired Clinton to use his vast network and his intimate understanding of the industry to help me find the right partner / broker. It was worth every penny.

Clinton opened doors for me, introduced me to the top investment bankers and business brokers who wouldn't normally have taken my call and, when I decided on a firm, Clinton, saved me £20,000+ of their advance fees. Most importantly, he matched me with a broker I would not have found myself, someone who I am confident is the spot-on right firm to successfully sell my business at the target price.

Clinton operates with 100% integrity. He provided astute advice, insights, cautions and tips all through the process of finding and signing a broker which I found invaluable. I would certainly use his services again.

Bal MattuFounder, IdeasCast
Serial entrepreneur

I  hired Clinton to help me analyze the purchase of my first-ever online business. Back then, I was a complete e-commerce neophyte and Clinton's analysis and hand-holding gave me the information and the confidence I needed to be able to negotiate a good and fair price.

C. Eduardo TabushCEO at Joomlashack (& other companies)

What I love about Clinton is that it's not about the money. He genuinely wants to help small business owners and protect them from the sharks out there. He saved us over £30,000 and charged us £500. I have great regard and respect for him and advise any business owners looking to sell their business to talk to Clinton.

Melissa H Business Owner

I have known Clinton Lee for over 25 years ...Clinton's entrepreneurial spirit and enormous success with selling his own businesses make him the ideal associate to advise on your own business exit. Whether you're looking to handle the sale of your business yourself or use a business broker I would highly recommend you don't attempt to sell your business without first consulting with him.

Brian DevarajGlobal Manager

After a really bad experience and needing clinton's help to get out of a sticky situation, I'd advise any other shop owners to be very careful of brokers and to take Clinton's help before signing a contract.

Sandra T.Business Owner

In the dog eat dog world of sales and acquisitions it's refreshing and amazing to find gems like Clinton who will shine a complete light on your strategy - for the good!

Ashvin RathodPartner, Digital Insight

I have dealt with a lot of mergers and acquisitions for websites and internet properties and I can state that Clinton has done more for the community of buyers and sellers of online businesses than anyone else I know. He is a pioneer in the field and well respected in this industry ....

Not only he can point out to you where there is value in your business but he also can introduce you to brokers, bankers, wealth advisors, transaction lawyers, buyers and anybody else you need in the M&A world.

I give him my highest recommendations.

Noah Laith
Best Flavours of Africa, NoahLaith.com

​Clinton is a very knowledgeable business advisor. He provides simple, yet in depth explanation to all business related issues. He is very responsive and has a refreshingly honest work ethic. If I ever need business advice again, Clinton will be my first point of contact. I highly recommend Clinton to anyone looking for a professional, experienced and sincere advisor. 

​Kasia Bartkowska
Regional Director, Ecocleen Services

​...the prospect of finding a third party to work with us in marketing and selling the Company was daunting.... we have had no experience of buying and selling businesses in the past and therefore no personal insight into which organisations would be a good fit for us and help to maximise our return.  The numerous scare stories we discovered when searching the internet didn’t help.

We engaged Clinton to help us steer through the process of finding a third party to support us.  His provided us with a better understanding of the process, what to expect, and the potential pitfalls as well as identifying a shortlist of tried and tested organisations for us to talk to.  Armed with the questions Clinton provided us with, we have been able to identify the right organisation for us.  Clinton also negotiated a significant reduction in potential fees which far outweighed the cost of employing him..

​Phil J. - Business Owner

Clinton Lee is arguably the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to small business brokering and due diligence...Clinton’s advice has probably saved thousands of businesspeople from a host of financial problems. He has helped newbies and veterans alike for free, without any hidden profit angles...As an individual, Mr. Lee is extremely helpful, brutally honest, trustworthy to a fault and among the most patient businessmen I’ve ever come across. He also has a great sense of humour!

Theodore KoukouvitisProfessional Writer

For anything related to buying or selling a business, you'll want Clinton Lee's help and advice. I've worked with Clinton on several projects on various levels. I've also had many opportunities to observe how he works with others as well as seeing some of his finished work.

Clinton is the real deal. He knows his stuff. He has an excellent approach to evaluating businesses. He can spot value. He can also see problem areas and find solutions.

Most of all, Clinton is a man of integrity. You can trust his judgement and you can trust him to tell you the truth. He neither hides or sugarcoats the facts.

I highly recommend seeking him out for your business needs.

Andrew HavensOwner, Havens Communications

...Clinton brings dedication and rigorous lack of bias to bear during professional consultancies concerning transactions that justify the use of brokers, for businesses whose value ranges from £100K or so to many millions.

Michael Kingdom-Hocking
Michael Kingdom-Hocking Business Owner

​Having started the process of finding a broker to help us sell our company we soon realised that we needed some support. Clinton helped us understand a lot about the selling process and took the time to understand our business enabling him to recommend a selection of suitable companies to work with. He was tenacious in getting us the best deal with the chosen company. We have no doubt that working with Clinton was the best decision we’ve made so far whilst selling our business.

​Liz,  Tech Business Owner

Clinton offers creative solutions to complex business situations and his ability to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to buying and selling businesses is especially impressive. I am delighted to give Clinton Lee my highest recommendation not only as a businessman but as a kind, caring human being.

Barry Dunlop
Barry Dunlop
Renewable Living Ltd

Creative, innovative, awesome. Whatever your valuation or selling related problem, you need Clinton's passion, but also his unique ideas, approaches and knowledge to deal with even the most awkward business issues. You can trust him with anything, even 'unusual' accounting tactics you may have used. A*

George K. Business Owner

Clinton is immediately open, honest, informative and insightful....having him as a resource, an influence... is of immense value to me.

Jarrod Frye
Jarrod Frye
Digital Works Consulting

Clinton ...(helped and assisted) me through some of the trials and tribulations of broker selection. There is no substitute for experience and “having been there”!  He was excellent. This recommendation is anonymous only because I am now taking my Company to market.

N. H.Business Owner
(permission to disclose  once sale is finalised)

+ others that can't be shared because I don't have written consent from the client to post their feedback in public.

From M&A Professionals / Investment Bankers

Richard Parker Chair of Diomo Corp.,
Bestselling Author
(of numerous books on how to buy businesses)

Clinton always does right by people and dispenses incredibly insightful, unbiased and experienced advice, even if it is to his own detriment.

Every single client I have sent him has reported back with the same feedback as I have personally experienced. The consensus, without any deviation, is that Clinton is super intelligent, has a wealth of experience, and most importantly, his integrity is beyond reproach.

I would enter any transaction with him on a handshake and there are very few people on this planet with whom I would do that.

Ajeet Khurana CEO, Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

I have engaged with Clinton for close to a decade now. He is a man of astute business sense, and he is fair in his dealings. That is what makes him a delight to work with. His understanding of buying, selling, and growing businesses is one of the best I have come across. If you are considering doing business with Clinton, do it without any hesitation.

Ran Carmon MD, Chelsea Corporate
Experts at sourcing acquisitions for investors

Clinton is one of the most knowledgable contacts of mine in the business Broking community. He is honest helpful and always willing to support me and lend a helping hand. I strongly recommend anyone looking to sell their business to have a chat with Clinton first.

Zane Tarence MD, Founders Investment Bank, Birmingham, AL

I've known Clinton for over 5 years and he is deeply knowledgeable about how to value, buy, sell, and drive growth for private businesses. He is extremely effective at educating owners in exit planning for maximum value. I've recommended Clinton numerous times and he has always provided my clients with stellar advice and support.

Michael Lawrie CMO
Benchmark International

Clinton has always struck me as a knowledgeable and professional adviser who works hard to secure the best possible deal for his clients, when they are making key decisions in their exit strategy.

Dave Kauppi Investment Banker
MidMarket Capital

Clinton's understanding of the market is simply superb ...Clinton knows how to get a business to appeal to the market and how to extract the best price the market will bear. That's an art in itself....I have no hesitation in recommending his services to any business owner considering selling equity or raising capital. Take Clinton's advice *before* you appoint a broker.

From Corporate Lawyers / Accountants​

​​Clinton is a highly experienced M&A professional. He has demonstrated objectivity, integrity & commerciality when acting for his clients. His approach is methodical based on strong strategic rationale and I would not hesitate to recommend his advice to potential clients.

Grant Thornton
Usman Malik
​Usman Malik​
Partner, Grant Thornton​​
Jay Singh Founder
Atlas Corporate Finance

Clinton, provides his clients with an excellent service. Ensuring he matches the client with the adviser both in terms of experience and personalities. I would happily recommend Clinton to prospective clients.

​Clinton is a highly commercial professional advisor ​...extremely effective in achieving successful outcomes for his clients while being a pleasure to deal with. I would heartily recommend anyone looking to sell their business to have (at least) an initial conversation with Clinton.

equitable law
Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson​
Business Law Solicitor​
Graham Ross Lawyer, Dispute Resolution
The Mediation Room

The word 'expert' is loosely applied these days, and often claimed merely by acquiring a qualification.But Clinton is a true expert. He is a true expert because whenever I talk to him, whether for a client or generally, or read his comments or writings, I always learn something new and, moreover, something that can benefit my own clients. I have no hesitation in recommending anyone involved in business transfers, exits, M&As or similar to talk to Clinton. His approach is very pragmatic and bolted down firmly in the real world.

My association with Clinton goes back 22 years....Since day one, he has never failed to impress me. Based on my 40+ years as a professional, I have no hesitation in suggesting that Clinton’s hard-work ethic, the rapidity with which he is able to assimilate detail, his astuteness and acumen and not least, his awareness of cause and effect in business matters, are attributes that make him an essential stop to discuss one’s business issues.

Lawrence Phillips, Lawrence Phillips & Co, Chartered Accountants
​Jonathan Lea Corporate Lawyer

​Clinton is a treasure trove of knowledge on his subject matter who is always very responsive and willing to help anyone.

​Clinton is a very professional advisor, with a strong understanding of M&A and sourcing clients the correct adviser.​..I would recommend anyone looking to exit their business to have an initial conversation with Clinton.

klecha-and-co investment bank
​Mike Jennings​
​Klecha & Co

Private Investment Bank