Maximise your chances of successfully selling your business at the best possible price.

Whatever your turnover, from £0 to £10 million.

how to sell a business

In the shortest time.

At the best price.

With minimum charges / costs.

With the least fuss.


96% Choose The Wrong Broker & Fail To Sell Their Business!

  • WHY?

Finding & Using the Right Broker To Sell Your Business

This sale will be one of the biggest transactions of your life and you can't afford to get it wrong.

Unless yours is a very small business, you will benefit from the expertise of a competent broker or other intermediary to effectively reach the best buyers and investors, and to negotiate the best set of price and terms with the very astute and sharp corporate finance professionals investors use in these situations.

And those aren't the only two areas where you desperately need an expert fighting your corner.

But finding the right broker is easier said than done. 96% of vendors choose the WRONG broker. They choose the one who happened to cold call or the one who claimed a large database of "eager buyers" / a "ready cash buyer waiting in the wings". Sometimes they make the big mistake of using the broker who provided a flattering valuation figure (complete with convincing sales talk on how its in their interest to reach the figure to get their commission). Occasionally, it's the broker who presented at a seminar and sounded like he really knew what he was talking about.

These are all the wrong ways to choose a key partner to sell your biggest asset!

80% of the businesses that brokers take to market FAIL to find a buyer! Even worse, choosing the wrong broker can bankrupt your business. Click the "Why?" tab above for more.

I help business owners successfully sell their businesses using the right broker.


The Tools To Conduct & Optimise The Sale


I take on a limited number of business owners and provide a close, personal one-to-one, flat-fee assistance with selling your business. The service includes

  • Advice on the sale process
  • Free valuation guidance
  • Personal consultation to assist with exit planning & preparation
  • ​Draft Non-Disclosure Agreement (to ensure confidentiality with buyers)
  • Other draft legal documents: Letter Of Intent, Purchase Agreement etc.
  • ​Creation of the "teaser" ad for your marketing
  • Help with preparation of your Sales Memorandum ("Confidential Information Doc.")
  • Placing and running your marketing
  • More help, expertise and advice than you'll get at most brokers

Find out if I can help YOU:

Broker Or DIY?

Which is the best option for YOUR business?

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Ask a broker whether you need to use a broker and the answer will likely be that you do (unless your revenue is below the broker's threshold and he doesn't want to take your business on).

The free downloadable guide arms you to take the decision yourself. It explains what personal and business factors contribute to a successful sale by owner & which businesses benefit from using a broker / intermediary. 

Avail of the free no obligation guide and consultation:

I answer most early questions without you getting on a broker's mailing list & risking confidentiality!


People rely on my discretion and confidentiality. You have my 100% NO SPAM guarantee - Clinton

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