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96% Choose The Wrong Broker & Fail To Sell Their Business!

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I've put together, for one flat fee, a comprehensive package that delivers all the assistance you need & that can save you tens of thousands of pounds. More importantly, it gives you a higher chance of

- selling your business successfully
- selling your business safely
- selling your business within a reasonable time
- selling your business at the right terms and in line with all your exit goals
- selling your business with the least amount of stress.

You get three main benefits.

Powerful Information That Will Put You In The Driving Seat

I provide a collection of must-have guides for anyone looking to sell a business through a broker. These contain never before revealed tips, techniques & wisdom to transfer power in the business selling process from investors & brokers to you, the vendor.

These guides are not available anywhere else and are provided only to my clients. They are a condensed version of the wisdom gained from hundreds of real transactions. These mini eBooks are designed to collectively save or make you, the business owner, significantly more when selling a business, and to protect you from sharp practices common in this industry.

The Different Types of Broker Intermediaries

It's not just business brokers who sell businesses! This books covers the others - from M&A advisors to corporate finance firms to investment banks - and explains how they all fit into and work within this ecosystem. Which of these is the best choice to sell your business?

Business Broker Fees and Fee Structures

Without knowing how the fees (and, more importantly, the fee structures) work, you could end up being overcharged by tens of thousands of pounds. I explain the fees as they apply to different sized businesses - with various examples of how much specific UK brokers charge - and tell you the 4 "Gotchas!" you need to watch out for.

Key Questions To Ask Your Broker

The 14 key questions you should ask every broker and which almost no business seller ever asks. We also explain why membership of various well known "trade bodies" is not really an indication of anything at all, not in this industry anyway. I'll tell you which logos are easier to get than a sticker in school for turning up on time!

What You Can & Should Expect From A Competent Broker

Brokers make a lot of claims but very few actually deliver. You'll learn how to assess brokers before hiring them. Learn what you can expect (demand) from a competent broker. How do you do due diligence on a broker?

What To Watch Out For In Broker Contracts

While I review and negotiate the contract for you, you need to know all the danger areas in broker contracts ...and how to avoid them. I rip apart a sample contract and show you all the snags that catch out most vendors.


Out of the 400+ brokers in the UK, not to mention the other intermediaries, less than 5% are a good match for YOUR business (though most brokers will take on all businesses even if they aren't best placed to sell them).

Why a matched broker? For starters, they generally obtain between 50% - 200% more for you. (If you sign up for the newsletter you can immediately download your free report How To Get 50% - 200% More For Your Business explaining just how & why that is the case.)

The mini eBooks above explain what makes for a good match.

However, filtering is possible only when you have access to the data. And you don't. There is no national database of brokers. A couple of directories exist, but they exclude the many accountancy, corporate finance & legal firms (and others) that have extensive broking departments and which happen to be some of the most competent "brokers". Further, the directories have little to no information on each broker.  Over 90% of the best brokers can't be found in Google! None of the top brokers are in the first 100 or so of Google's results!

I've put together the UK's most comprehensive database & knowledge base on UK based broking intermediaries. Did you know, for example, that there are over two dozen brokers who specialise in selling just accountancy firms? And that there are several who specialise in buy-side broking (i.e. they represent buyers and therefore charge the seller no fees)?

BrokerMatcherTM weeds out the brokers with the known exploitative contracts and the ones with the worst reputations. It then shortlists brokers based on my proprietory algorithm. Each is then contacted on the phone to manually confirm whether they have the free resources to take on your business. I get guarantees from them about the seniority of the person who'll be handling your sale, pre-negotiate some of the fees and terms for you etc. 

You then get a report of the firms best positioned to sell your business successfully and meet all your exit goals. Various details on the final contenders are included, such as concessions I've managed to extract from them and why they made it to the shortlist. I then further assist and guide you with choosing from the shortlist, and negotiate the final terms and fees for you. The final choice is ultimately your decision, but I'm fighting your corner all the way and providing impartial advice and support.

Here are some case studies involving recent clients who used this Broker Matcher service.

My personal assistance through the process of finding the right broker, negotiating terms and otherwise preparing for the sale.

This is probably the most valuable part. I won't bore you with how many businesses I've bought and sold - that information is on the home page along with rave reviews from past clients. You get my assistance at no additional cost. I've saved hundreds of business owners from bad decisions and made many more significantly richer than they otherwise would have been. Let me do that with you, too.

You get access to me, to tap into my experience and to avail of, where appropriate, the various documents, reports, data and information I've prepared over the years to advise on matters related to selling businesses.

If you'd like to find out about this package, click the button below and fill out a brief form. You'll get my personal reply by email and it'll normally be within a few hours.


The Tools To Conduct & Optimise The Sale


How To Sell A Business Without A Broker

For very small businesses it generally doesn't make sense to hire a broker. Many brokers who operate in the sub £1 - 2 million market have a terrible reputation (and with just cause).

The bad ones charge an upfront fee and end up doing hardly any work to find you buyers. Despite all their assurance and slick sales talk, you'll end up being listed for months or years without finding a buyer!

The worse brokers charge you nothing at all. The work on a "no sale, no fee" basis. While that might sound like a good deal,  some of the most dangerous brokers in the UK operate on this basis. Read about them here.

Some brokers charge £40,000+ in upfront fees, others charge "on success only" (but often sell fewer than 5% of businesses they take on). Signing up with a broker can seriously damage the value in your business - not all brokers are what they seem!

So why don't you sell your business yourself and save the large retainer (or the "success fees" i.e. 10% of the entire value of your company)?

Before you start you need to know that this isn't like selling anything you've sold before. Selling takes different skills to building a business. But, with the right help, owners demonstrate a 350% higher success rate than brokers!

As part of my mission to put power in the hands of business owners, I've assembled an economical, flat-price "Assisted DIY" package. Click the "Definitely" tab above to see what's included in the package or use the button below to order your information pack.

I help business owners successfully sell their businesses themselves.

Broker Or DIY?

Which is the best option for YOUR business?

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Ask a broker whether you need to use a broker and the answer will likely be that you do (unless your revenue is below the broker's threshold and he doesn't want to take your business on).

The free downloadable guide arms you to take the decision yourself. It explains what personal and business factors contribute to a successful sale by owner & which businesses benefit from using a broker / intermediary. 

Avail of the free no obligation guide and consultation:

I answer most early questions without you getting on a broker's mailing list & risking confidentiality!


People rely on my discretion and confidentiality. You have my 100% NO SPAM guarantee - Clinton

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