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96% Choose The Wrong Broker & Fail To Sell Their Business!

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Not only can the wrong broker be the cause of an aborted sale, sometimes simply using a broker causes substantial loss of value in the business & can cost of tens of thousands of pounds in broker fees (even if your contract says you pay only on a successful sale of the business. )

Yes, business owners often find that even after a year their business hasn't been sold but that they still owe the broker his "success fees"  This can be 5% - 10% of the valuation the broker originally put to the business!

What triggers the success fee clause? It's often sometimes just a minor update in Companies House records (change of director / change of shareholding etc.). Yes, if a director resigns or another one is appointed, or you give your spouse some shares in the business, you may suddenly find you owe the broker a very large sum of money for having "successfully sold your business"!

But changes in Companies House records are not the only grounds on which brokers trigger the success fee clause.

The broker industry in the UK is unregulated and notorious. As revealed by various investigations (sample), many brokers make their money not from selling businesses but from exploiting small print in their contracts. There are hundreds of real horror stories.

You need to know what to protect against and how best to ensure your interests are covered comprehensively and securely.

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How To Sell A Business Without A Broker

For very small businesses it generally doesn't make sense to hire a broker. Many brokers who operate in the sub £250,000 market have a terrible reputation (and with just cause).

The bad ones charge an upfront fee and end up doing hardly any work to find you buyers. Despite all their assurance and slick sales talk, you'll end up being listed for months or years without finding a buyer!

The worse brokers charge you nothing at all. The work on a "no sale, no fee" basis. While that might sound like a good deal,  some of the most dangerous brokers in the UK operate on this basis. Read about them here.

Some brokers charge £40,000+ in upfront fees, others charge "on success only" (but often sell less than 5% of businesses they take on). Signing up with a broker can seriously damage the value in your business - not all brokers are what they seem!

So why don't you sell your business yourself and save the large retainer (or the "success fees" i.e. 10% of the entire value of your company)?

Before you start you need to know that this isn't like selling anything you've sold before. Selling takes different skills to building a business. But, with the right help, owners demonstrate a 350% higher success rate than brokers!

As part of my mission to put power in the hands of business owners, I've assembled an economical, flat-price "Assisted DIY" package. Click the "Definitely" tab above to see what's included in the package or use the button below to order your information pack.

I help business owners successfully sell their businesses themselves.

Broker Or DIY?

Which is the best option for YOUR business?

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Use a broker or handle the sale myself?

For many businesses using a competent broker is essential to extracting maximum value.

But some business owners are extremely successfully at selling their businesses themselves and without a broker. In fact, owners are often far more successful at selling their businesses than brokers are!

DIY or broker is a decision that benefits from some unbiased, expert advice. Which suits your business best? Click the "The Answer" tab above for a free guide.


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