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When selling a business most business owners seek a business broker to assist them prepare the business and take it to market. But is that necessarily the right thing to do? Our answer is a resounding no.

1) The first thing to bear in mind is that all is not what it seems when it comes to business brokers. In the UK there are no qualifications or certifications required to become a business broker and, amazingly, there is no regulation of brokers! Inevitably, the industry has attracted a lot of less than reputable players. In fact, some of the best known names in the industry are brokers that are repeatedly exposed in the media for how they exploit clients (and hardly ever succeed in selling their clients’ businesses).

2) The second thing vendors need to be aware of is that it is extremely difficult to find a broker with the right credentials – someone with expertise in selling business in *their* industry / sector, who has a high success rate when it comes to selling businesses, who is trustworthy and who charges reasonable fees. Vendors realise they cannot be found by browsing through Google. That’s why we put together the largest knowledge base ever on all the business brokers in the UK. Our data covers all the vital information you need to know before making your choice on the road to what is probably going to be the biggest commercial deal of your life.

3) Business brokers go by many names – Business Transfer Agents being the main variation. But they also call themselves corporate finance firms, M&A advisory houses, M&A boutiques, merchant banks (yes!), investment banks (yes!) and others. Our database includes information on all these intermediaries as well, complete with the geographical areas they cover, their sector expertise, their fees and fee structures, the fairness of their contractual terms, their special skills (MBOs / IPOs / cross border deals / languages spoken / in-house qualified valuers etc) … and much, much more.

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