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If you're a sophisticated investor it's difficult finding the right business for sale. Sure, there are online portals like BusinessesForSale, Daltons, RightBiz and the like, but do you really have time to go through thousands of listings most of which have unrealistic prices and, worse, aren't even viable businesses?

Family offices, private equity firms, VCs and other investors often retain buy-side brokers, at huge cost, to find deals for them. If you have the budget, and need to find and complete deals within certain time-frames, there's no option but to hire deal sourcing talent. We can either help directly or introduce you to firms that provide this assistance. Get in touch.

If, however, you're a private investor looking to buy a sound business at a good price, tell us your requirements using the button below and we'll let you know when opportunities become available and before those opportunities reach the market.

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Important: Please get in touch only if you already have the funds and are able to prove it. We get too many enquiries from "search funds" and "scouts" and others who intend to, or claim to be able to, raise funds after finding a deal. Those enquiries are not of interest.

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