​Thanks for getting in touch to show interest in my new project. I ​have invited only some of the people who contacted me. You are one of them. Please keep this confidential for now. Thanks, Clinton

1. What is this about? 
2. How can you benefit?
3. How can you assist with the project?

1. What is this about?

Australia has the Australian Institute of Business Brokers, the US has the International Business Brokers Association, other countries have their own bodies, but there is no UK equivalent of any of those.

So I'm starting one.​ ​

The project will intitally get off the ground with just a directory (to be published within the next month). There will be four sections and they will list ​ firms providing advice and assistance with
a) disposals;
b) acquisitions;
c) legal and accountancy services for buyers / sellers of businesses and
d) all other services (from VDRs to ​escrow).

To that end, I've already registered a website and put up a skeleton of pages: ​ ​

​My endeavour would be to, in due course, expand that directory into a wider service to ​include the kind of features and benefits offered by the likes of the IBBA.​ I've already got something happening in the background, which I won't disclose now, that will give me some key UK market data and intelligence​ on an ongoing basis, data that is not available anywhere else.

I can't call this new venture an "institute" yet as "institute" is a reserved word, but hopefully it'll become big enough to eventually promote as the Institute for Transaction Advisers and Business Brokers.

You can play a part in shaping the developments. 

​2. How can you benefit?

​The directory will hopefully serve as a central resource for clients to find the services they need, for them to find you. I will be promoting this site in a variety of ways. I'll SEO the site of course - my ukbusinessbrokers site ranks at #1 in Google for the term business broker. I hope to, similarly, get the new directory top rankings for all the key terms.

But I'll also be promoting it elsewhere and I have several ideas for getting it publicity. I hope to make it the main hub for the public to use to find service providers in our industry, whether business broker, lawyer or accountant.

Populating the directory

As you may know, I own the most comprehensive data on business brokers, corporate finance firms and other UK players who handle the sale of businesses. I'll be using my data, or some of my data, to seed the directory. Every business listed in the directory will have its own page and I'm considering giving approved parties access to their pages so they can better describe what they do and how they do it and have some control over their listing.

There may or may not be a charge for that increased access, I haven't decided yet.

But I would like the more reputable firms ​have greater visibility. So, for example, the ones signing up to the iTABB code of conduct, could get a Member Badge that adds credibility to their listing and builds trust. This will drive traffic and business to the more trustworthy firms.

There will later be opportunities to advertise your business on the site or to provide services directly on my platform (more later). But do you see any future PR potential in being one of the founding supporters of a body that ends up setting standards in the industry?

​3. ​How can you assist with the project?

I have a lot of contacts in the industry, and a lot of goodwill, but ​I've never built a membership body, and never run a trade or professional association. There is some help I can count on from TAForum and others with whom I've already spoken, but can you contribute any advice or suggestions?

I could also use money. I've spent several tens of thousands of pounds in the past putting together the data in my database and I've spent a five figure sum so far on this specific project. So contributions are welcome. Anybody contributing £500 or more will get a permanent mention and a link from a page I'm creating for "Founding Supporters". 

And I'll involve those supporters in helping me craft the direction of this project.

If you wish to make a contribution, drop me a note at I'll send you details for payment and we can setup a call to see to what extent you wish to be involved in the project and how we could work together.

If you'd like to be just "kept informed" without making a contribution, you don't need to do anything. Just sit back and you'll hear from me in due course. But you might be missing an opportunity ;)

Thanks for reading.