Clinton Lee

Welcome to UK Business Brokers. My name is Clinton (find me on LinkedIn).

After 30+ years of being an entrepreneur - founding, buying and selling businesses in my own name (with my own money) - I set up this consultancy to assist other business owners with extracting value from their businesses. Hundreds of business sellers like you have seen higher prices, faster sales and more secure transactions from using my advice.  And investors have used my services to find deals, to negotiate good prices, to close the sale.

What Can I Do For You?

The Three Services I Offer Are:

1. Broker Matching (my main service)

If you're looking to sell a larger business - at least a few million in turnover - then you need my advice and guidance to find the right partners to assist you with the sale and get you the best deal. I'm the sole UK authority on who does what in this M&A industry (and how well they do it)!

Yes, you can find firms like KBS, BCMS etc yourself; anybody can do that. But there's a hidden wealth of talent in the UK to which you simply do not have access. These firms are far more professional and can get you a much better price. I can advise you on this big decision and open the right doors for you. Choosing the wrong partner to take you to market can be disastrous for your business, it really can!

Book a free call with me, ask whatever questions you have, tap into my knowledge of the players in the market and how M&A operates,  and you'll go away a lot smarter (whether you decide to use my paid service or not).

There's no sales pitch at the call. And everything is 100% confidential

If you have a small business and want a business broker, please use the free find-a-business-broker service at iTABB, but please read this first. I'm sorry I can't help you find the right broker if your business doesn't have at least a few million in turnover. Why? It's because the professional M&A firms, investment banks, corporate finance firms etc., that I find for my typical client simply would not take you on. My service #3 below may be more suitable for you.

2. Paid-By-The-Hour Consultancy

You can speak with me to get my assistance and advice on any aspect of a business sale or purchase, or simply to raise questions you have. I charge by the hour and can speak on the phone or do a video chat on Skype / Zoom / MS Teams / Whatsapp / Viber.

For this service, I do not offer any initial free consultation. I charge for all calls.

I get literally hundreds of enquiries every month from business owners who have a little shop or who are selling a few bits in eBay (or buyers looking for help to find a target or advise on the purchase). I simply do not have the time to give them all free calls, as much as I'd love to. So, if you're a small business of say £100K or £200K turnover, or you're a buyer, please feel free to  avail yourself of the huge volume of information on this site, the hundreds of articles I've written for various business magazines, the regular material I post on LinkedIn etc.

Hopefully, you find value in all the knowledge I've shared. If you want more and wish to speak directly with me, I think it's fair to start charging. I'd be happy to talk with you and answer your questions / give you advice. My fee varies but it's never below £120 an hour. Top expertise doesn't come cheap. I can only do that low price because I work from home and have no overheads.

My minimum booking is for one hour. Please contact me via the form here and state that you wish to book a paid consultancy session.

3. My Assistance With The Sale Of Your Business

This is not a service I normally offer. But on rare occasions I take on the task of assisting a client to sell their business and I help them through the whole process from start to finish. But please do not approach me to ask me to sell your business, I'm not a broker!

But I do take the odd case on to keep my wits sharp. I'm highly effective at selling businesses - I've sold several of my own businesses - and I have developed techniques and tactics way beyond what you'd get with the average business broker. But, again, I am not a broker and selling businesses is not my main job.

When I take on the rare mandate of assisting owners it will be only when

a) The business is making at least £100K in real profit (what the net profit would be if the owner/s took a market wage);
b) Is not heavily reliant on the owner/s ie. the business is run mainly by employees;
c) The business is a UK business;
d) The business is not big enough for my Broker Matching service at #1 above. If the business is big enough for the Broker Matching service then you would benefit from paying me a lot less money and using that service of mine, not this one;
e) The owners appreciate that they'll need to commit a significant cash advance for me to commit my time and effort to helping them with their sale.

But if you're looking to sell a small business, your first stop should be booking a paid consultation with me (as described above) or choosing a broker from the UK Business Broker Directory.

If you want me to consider assisting you directly with the sale, and your business meets all the criteria above, please get in touch and provide some detail in your message especially in relation to your turnover, net profit (declared in the official accounts) etc. If I do take on the challenge, I believe you'll do far better than you would if you instructed a business broker, but please don't get offended if I don't take your business on under this service as it's only rarely that I take on a sale mandate.

My advice on valuing and selling businesses has featured in almost every major UK business magazine, including the below:


The business I'm in relies a lot on confidentiality and trust, and that starts with how I respect your email address and privacy. I'm not a "lead generator", I don't collect your IP and other details to sell to brokers. I do not send out marketing emails as I've never needed to do that. Unlike with other sites there is no tracking here (except Google Analytics used to understand how visitors are using this website and cookies to serve premium material to subscribers). And if you do take my offer for a free phone chat, everything you say to me is covered by my universal non-disclosure promise.

The advice in the free newsletter should itself make or save you many thousands of pounds and, of course, you can unsubscribe at any time with immediate effect.

How Can I Assist You? I...

  • Find your best route to market and increase the odds of successfully selling your business;
  • Improve substantially the price you get for your business;
  • Find the broker best matched to selling your business efficiently & supporting you through the process;
  • Assist you with all you need to sell your business without a broker if that's the optimum route to market;
  • Minimise the price you pay your broker and ensure fair terms in the often one-sided broker contract;
  • Reduce the time taken to reach and close a satisfactory deal;
  • Improve your chances of meeting all your exit goals – from sale price to safety of employees’ jobs;
  • Limit the warranties, guarantees & other personal liability clauses imposed on business sellers in the typical sale;
  • Extend your broker’s reach to buyers he doesn’t know about so you have more buyers competing for your business;
  • Potentially dispense with using a broker altogether (and paying 3% – 15% of your business's value in broker fees).

Email me  or book a call: