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Welcome to UK Business Brokers. My name is Clinton (find me on LinkedIn).

After 30+ years Iof buying and selling over two dozen businesses in my own name (and with my own money), I now assist other business owners with extracting value from their businesses. Hundreds of business owners like you have seen higher prices, faster sales and more secure transactions from using my advice. 

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My advice on valuing and selling businesses has featured on almost every major UK business site, including the below:

A phone consultation with me is free, but for maximum benefit you need to get in touch before you've spoken with any business broker or had one of their "free valuations" (as there can be severe risks to contacting brokers directly).

Why come to me?

Unbiased, highly regarded, professional advice on selling businesses and years of experience at the coal face.

There are multiple ways to release value from a business. Business brokers tend you direct you towards just one: an outright sale, because they work on percentage commissions. I don't. 

Besides, some brokers can severely damage the value you've built in your business. Speak with me before you instruct one! Whether you need a broker on not, this is the place to start your research on selling your company.

I'm passionate about helping business owners like you extract maximum value from their businesses. Thousands have benefited from the advice in my newsletters and articles, hundreds from my personal assistance. I occasionally have busy patches where I turn down new clients, but if I can't take you on I'll at least provide some useful pointers and a handy PDF guide or two, at no cost, specific to your situation.


Remember, the business I'm in is all about confidentiality and trust, and that starts with how I respect your email address and privacy. I'm not a "lead generator", I don't collect your IP and other details to sell to brokers. I do not send out marketing emails as I've never needed to do that. Unlike with other sites there is no tracking here (except Google Analytics used to understand how visitors are using this website and cookies to serve premium material to subscribers). And if you do take my offer for a free phone chat, everything you say to me is covered by my universal non-disclosure promise.

The advice in the free newsletter should itself make or save you many thousands of pounds and, of course, you can unsubscribe at any time with immediate effect.

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How Do I Assist Clients? I...

  • Find your best route to market and increase the odds of successfully selling your business;
  • Improve substantially the price you get for your business;
  • Find the broker best matched to selling your business efficiently & supporting you through the process;
  • Assist you with all you need to sell your business without a broker if that's the optimum route to market;
  • Minimise the price you pay your broker and ensure fair terms in the often one-sided broker contract;
  • Reduce the time taken to reach and close a satisfactory deal;
  • Improve your chances of meeting all your exit goals – from sale price to safety of employees’ jobs;
  • Limit the warranties, guarantees & other personal liability clauses imposed on business sellers in the typical sale;
  • Extend your broker’s reach to buyers he doesn’t know about so you have more buyers competing for your business;
  • Potentially dispense with using a broker altogether (and paying 3% – 15% of your business's value in broker fees).

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