​Dec 2018: Free event (London) on how to sell a business for top price

​If you're considering selling your business, we've got the perfect event for you at a prestigious venue in Central London on Feb 7th from 9.30 AM to 4 PM.

You will get to meet me but also meet a number of other people - accountants who handle everything from valuations to business mergers, top corporate lawyers who specialise in M&A work, business brokers who handle the actual sale, entrepreneurs who've been through it before and sold their own businesses and other business owners like you.

Listen to short presentations by the professionals and then ask them questions either in public, or privately in the networking that follows.

Name badges will be worn on the day but without company names. You can choose your name or nickname for the day to avoid giving away your real identity to other attendees.

A range of complimentary sandwiches, snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic) will be provided.

This is a great opportunity to get, for free, advice and inside information from professionals who normally charge hundreds of pounds per hour for their time.

Entry is free but it is by invite. Get in touch to book your place.

Mar 2017: Free listing for your business on major marketplaces

If you're looking to sell your business, we have an offer for you, it is worth in excess of £500.

These are the main marketplaces where businesses are sold. The top four each charge circa £150+ VAT per month to list your business for sale.

Our offer:
We'll pick up the tab for your listing on one of those sites for a period of three months. There is no cost to you (unless you wish to extend beyond the three months in which case the respective marketplace's standard rates will apply). You will not be added to any "list". Your details will not be disclosed to any third parties. Your details will not be used for any marketing purposes, not even to promote our own services. There is no catch.


1. Your business needs to be a UK based limited company, with a turnover of at least £150,000 & with at least one full year's trading accounts.
2. We'll try to (and probably be able to) give you your first choice on which of the main marketplaces should carry your listing / ad.
3. It will be your responsibility to put together the copy and information necessary to run your business-for-sale listing / ad.
4. You will need to submit that information to us through a form we provide. (See a sample form here)
5. When buyers reply to enquire about your business we will not vet them or get them to complete an NDA. We will simply forward their emails to you. We suggest you set up a Gmail or other free email address for this purpose to protect your anonymity.
6. Remember, it is your legal responsibility to have an Energy Performance Certificate for your premises if you are selling your business. The government imposes severe fines on us (read more) for advertising businesses that don't have an EPC, so we will require you to get an EPC before we publish your ad.You can get a quote for an EPC here if you don't already have one.

To take up this offer, or if you have any questions, please use our contact page to get in touch.

Dec 2016: A comprehensive list of all the marketplaces where businesses are listed for sale

Most people know of one or two online portals where a business can be listed for sale. Daltons Business and BusinessesForSale.com are pretty well known. However, depending on the industry your business is in, and the budget you have available, there are numerous other marketplaces that may be more suitable, more affordable and more appropriate.

We've published a list of all the top marketplaces to sell a business complete with a brief review on each one. While prices for some can be quite high, several of the options in our list are completely free to the business seller.

Nov 2016: Business Valuation

We've commissioned several internationally renowned valuation experts to share their thoughts with our readers on business valuation. The first article is by Chris Thorne, Technical Director of the International Valuation Standards Council: Avoiding The Trips & Traps In Business Valuation.

Update: Our second article in this series has now been published: Business Valuation Myths & Why You Should Not Believe Them.

Sept 2016: Latest news, expert advice, whitepapers & research for business owners considering the exit

We've launched a site to curate the best articles and advice being published around the world of interest to business owners planning an equity event.

Get updated with what's happening in the world of finance, acquisitions, private equity and investments. Get insights and advice from business owners like you who've successfully sold their businesses. Get informed on trends, news, legislative changes and other influences that could impact on your chances of sale or on the value of your business. Visit our new site here.

Sample Form - BusinessesForSale.com

    The email address to which we should anonymously forward buyer enquiries. This is for our internal use only and will not be provided to any third party. You do not need to disclose the name of your business or your business email address, so a freemail address is acceptable.

    All information below is for public display at BusinessesForSale.com and based on the information they require when submitting a listing. Fields with an asterisk are compulsory.

    Please do not use ALL CAPS or BusinessesForSale may reject the listing.

    If you are not currently registered for this offer, contact us to sign up.

    This will appear as the main headline for your listing. For example, 'Successful Devon Hotel and Restaurant For Sale'. Limited to 8 words. They will automatically add "For Sale" to the end of your headline (taking the total to a maximum of 10 words).

    Categories: Businesses For Sale offers the option of having your ad appear in up to three categories. Obviously, the more categories in which you are listed, the more visibility you get. If you know the exact sectors, subsectors and categories where you want to be listed, please include them below (you can browse available categories on this page of their website). If you leave any of the below blank, we may choose the one/s we believe are most appropriate.
    Choice 1:

    Choice 2:

    Choice 3:

    Country and Region/Town name: These are both compulsory fields but you could choose to type in "undisclosed" and we'll submit accordingly.


    Property and Financial Details:Note that these fields are all compulsory. The more information you provide in these fields, the greater the response you can expect from buyers. Many buyers using the search feature will not even see your listing if you choose "undisclosed" in any of these fields. But the choice is yours.

    Property Status*:

    (If you rent the property, please choose leasehold and if you own the property, please choose freehold. Note that if you operate from either leasehold or freehold property you need to get an Energy Performance Certificate before we can publish your listing online.)

    Asking Price For The Business*: The first of the below boxes is compulsory. If you do not wish to choose one of the listed price ranges and wish to quote a specific price instead, make the appropriate choice from the drop down menu and then provide your asking price in the "Specific Asking Price" box:

    Specific Asking Price (if you choose this from the previous drop down menu):

    Annual Turnover (total sales during the last year)*:

    Net Profit (after all expenses) during the last year*:

    That's it! Thank you for taking the time. Important: After clicking "Send" check the message below the button to confirm your form has been sent!