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10 Things You Need To Know About Business Valuations

10 Things You Really Must Know​About Business Valuation There are many myths surrounding valuation as it relates to small and micro businesses. This post attempts to dispel the more common ones.Businesses are not worth a “multiple of turnover”Business are not worth a “multiple of profit”​There is no such thing as an “accurate valuation” for a […]

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Motivate Business Brokers To Do A Better Job At A Lower Price

Save thousands of pounds – motivate business brokers to do a better job at a lower price It’s not cheap to hire a competent business broker (business transfer agent) to sell your business. In fact, it’ll cost you between 5% – 10% of your selling price (read more about business broker costs & fees). Yes, […]

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The Problem With “A Business Is Worth Only What Someone Is Willing To Pay”

The Myth: A business is worth only what someone will pay for it The first question raised by business owners looking to sell their business usually revolves around valuation: “What is my business worth?”And the most common answer they get is that a business is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. […]

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The Confidentiality Fail Part 3

Keeping confidential the impending sale of your business Part 3 of 3: << Part 2 THE CONFIDENTIALITY RISK (Part III of III) The Immediate Risk For YouBusinesses that provide vendors with exit related services stand to gain from knowing, before other firms do, that you’re in need of their services.They can then get in there […]

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The Confidentiality Fail Part 2

Keeping confidential the impending sale of your business Part 2 of 3: << Part 1 THE CONFIDENTIALITY RISK (Part II of III) Precautions That Technology Has Forced On UsHitherto cutting edge advice on, for example, picking up answerphone messages before staff do and moving the fax machine into our private office are hopelessly outdated.To protect […]

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The Confidentiality Fail: You’ve given info to the wrong people!

You’ve told nobody about the impending sale of your business, not even your partner / spouse. You think nobody knows? You’re probably wrong. What’s worse is that these people who’ve been spying on you are extremely dangerous and can severely damage the value you’ve built in your business. THE CONFIDENTIALITY RISK (Part I of III) […]

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